A Look at the Houston Community College System



Seven Community Colleges location with the Houston, Texas area make up the Houston Community College System. These colleges work together to provide every individual within the region an opportunity to take advantage of the opportunities that are offered.

Working together the colleges have created courses and programs that address the special needs of many of the diverse population that live in Texas and attend the HCCS. In order to provide everyone with an opportunity to enter the college system and succeed the HCCS administration has made the entrance requirements for the colleges very lenient when compared to other college districts. bdaweb

Students can attend HSSC through distance learning where they receive college credits. The colleges have set up ESL centers to provide students who need to learn English a positive environment to excel. Adults who want to complete high school will find an Adult Learning program designed especially for them. The faculty work diligently to encourage students from the time they first enter the HCCS system and help them to succeed.

A simple questionnaire walks every individual wishing to attend Houston Community College System through a set of questions that helps them to recognize their major interest. Students find that they may be interested in a field that they had not thought about before. One of the parts of the questionnaire asks the individual if the education is for immediate entry into the workforce or if it for higher education. Upon making a selection the individual is walked through the steps to establish a plan for meeting their objectives.

For students wishing to use their education to enter the workforce immediately the college has designed programs that meet those needs. These job training programs offer students courses that provide them with college credit as well as job training. For many students this unique programs gives them an opportunity before committing to decide that they want to do something differently. bdaweb

Programs designed for students leaving high school and entering the college environment for the first time are found in the College Connection. This center helps young high school students gain the maturity and knowledge that they need to succeed in college. They are also prepared for higher education that will follow their community college experience.


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